Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII

Title: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII
Publisher: Koei
Genre: Strategy/Simulation
Release Date: 7/6/16
Overview: This epic strategy game takes you deep into the war-torn world of historical China. Set during the waning of the Han Dynasty, the world of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII lets you play as one of more than 700 officers, battling for ultimate supremacy and power. More than just a strategy game, Three Kingdoms XIII combines the scope of gigantic, historic military battles with the intimacy of individual characters’ actions, both on and off the battlefield. Like the Chinese historical novel upon which it is based, this game combines mythical and legendary characters with real leaders and events to create something truly special. With its addictive gameplay and deep, immersive setting, this is truly the kind of game that strategy gamers will fall in love with.

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