Grand Kingdom

Title: Grand Kingdom
Publisher: Koei
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 6/27/16
Overview: A massive war between four great nations threatens the peace of an entire continent. As a mercenary, you’ll traverse the land of Resonail to fight for gold and other spoils in this tactical RPG with 2D art. After the fall of the Uldein Empire one hundred years ago, mercenaries roam the land where war rules the day. Which nation you pledge your loyalty to is entirely up to you, as you assemble a squad of rough-and-ready fighters to do your bidding. Choose your team members from a wide variety of classes including Fighter, Lancer, Rogue, Witch, and Arcanist. Accept quests from each of the Four Great Nations and discover why the once-mighty empire collapsed. Battle hordes of fellow players online to help your chosen realm conquer all!

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