One Piece: Burning Blood

Title: One Piece: Burning Blood
Publisher: Namco
Genre: Fighting
Release Date: 5/31/16
Overview: Get ready to set sail in a fighting game unlike any other! The Straw Hat crew hoists their pirate flags into the air as they enter a free-for-all to end all free-for-alls. Beat your opponents into submission with an advanced battle system that gives you powerful combos, Haki techniques, and Devil Fruit abilities – straight from the hit anime. Your favorite One Piece characters are at your disposal. Pull out all the stops and fight to the finish line with Monkey D. Luffy, Nami, Nico Robin, and many more. Choose your team wisely for three-on-three battles by taking advantage of each character’s Devil Fruit ability. It’s nonstop action in a fun-filled world of anime and pirates!

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