Grand Ages: Medieval

Title: Grand Ages: Medieval
Publisher: Kalypso
Release Date: 10/15/15
Overview: In this historical real-time strategy game, players start as the humble mayor of a small European settlement. As population and progress explode all over Europe, you’ll explore the countryside and seize power – either through commercial endeavor or outright war. The game world is huge – over 20 million square kilometers, from Scandinavia to the Middle East – and the variety of strategies is endless. As your empire grows, you’ll construct new buildings, raise armies, research new technologies, and wage war against your neighbors in a quest to rule all of Europe. But it won’t be easy – along with other would-be kings, you’ll also face natural disasters like storms, fires, volcanoes, droughts, earthquakes, and even the Black Death! Besides the deep single-player campaign, Grand Ages: Medieval allows for 8-player online competition.

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