ArcaniA: The Complete Tale

Title: ArcaniA: The Complete Tale
Publisher: Nordic Games
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 6/5/15
Overview: ArcaniA: The Complete Tale combines the original ArcaniA with the Fall of Setarrif add-on to bring you a ton of hack-and-slash RPG action. The story begins in Myrtana, an empire in chaos. You have been given strange insights into the mysterious power at the center of Myrtana’s conflict, suggesting that you are the hero destined to change the world. As you quest to fulfill your destiny and save Myrtana, you’ll choose from a wide range of abilities and skills. Face off against fearsome monsters in fast-paced combat and explore an immersive, fascinating fantasy world. The Fall of Setarrif offers new settings, new monsters, a demonic new boss, and 15 new main quests with numerous side quests. Plus, for the first time, you can play as other famous characters from the Gothic series!

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