Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Title: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 2/13/15
Overview: Capcom’s action-RPG series is huge in Japan, and you’ll see why after playing this epic-but-charming adventure. In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate you play the role of a hunter, traveling with a caravan through countless colorful locales on your quest for monsters. With its abundance of missions, huge variety of creatures, and tremendous game world, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate offers a lot of game. Especially for a handheld title – but it’s more than just a sprawling adventure. MH4U takes full advantage of the 3DS, with a strong emphasis on three-dimensional action. You can climb walls in any direction, grab onto monsters, and even attack in mid-air. The monster AI has been improved, and there are new weapons too. For the first time in the series, you can link up with other players through both the Nintendo Network and local wireless.

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