Project CARS

Title: Project CARS
Publisher: Namco
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 5/11/15
Overview: Project CARS is all about the cars. This realistic racing game puts you behind the wheels of ultra-exotic hypercars that you’ll probably never, ever get to drive in real life. Whether you want to push track-only racers like the cutting-edge open-wheel and Le Mans prototypes, seven-figure street beasts like the McLaren P1, or even community-designed fictional whips, Project CARS has you covered. You can play alone or online and share, compete, and connect with Project CARS’s robust community features. The developers promise to harness the power of the PS4 to deliver the most authentic, technically advanced racing game ever. It features a huge number of tracks, advanced racing physics, dynamic time of day and weather system features, and intense, competitive multiplayer racing.

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