Tropico 5

Title: Tropico 5
Publisher: Kalypso
Genre: Strategy/Simulation
Release Date: 4/27/15
Overview: NOTE: Code required to access bonus content is included with purchase, but not with rental of this title.
If you’ve ever wanted to lead a banana republic (and really, who hasn’t?), this management sim is for you. The strategy game puts you in the role of El Presidente, dictator for life on the island of Tropico. You guide the island nation through history, from the colonial age through both World Wars, the Great Depression, up to the present age, and into the future. You must manage resources in response to the changing needs of your people, and manage opposing factions and political parties to maintain your iron rule. The new wrinkle here is the addition of dynasties, so you can promote members of your family to positions like ambassador, commanding general, or even Supreme Ruler. There’s even a multiplayer mode where you can go head-to-head with other tropical despots!

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