Madden NFL 25

Title: Madden NFL 25
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Xbox One
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 11/18/2013
Overview: From its robust single-player mode to Madden’s famous online play, Madden NFL 25 is the ultimate football video game. The Xbox One edition of Madden NFL 25 takes advantage of the system’s increased power with expanded Player Sense. The new CoachGlass feature allows players to see their opponents’ offensive tendencies and major weapons, and suggests defensive plays designed to counter challengers’ biggest strengths. All-new True Step player motion calculates every step, delivering more authentic player control, and Madden NFL 25’s improved physics provide a more polished pigskin experience. Run Free Mode unlocks the potential of your ball carriers with 30 new moves and devastating combos, and Connected Franchise makes it easy to build your historic legacy as a player, coach, or owner.

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