Wipeout 2048

Title: Wipeout 2048
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PS Vita
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 2/13/2012
Overview: NOTE: This game requires an Online Pass code to access online content. The Online Pass code is included with purchase, but not with rental of this title.

Defy gravity as you completely demolish the speed limit in this futuristic hovercraft racer built from the ground up for PS Vita. Hit ten new tracks and compete in a racing world that spans two gaming platforms. Wipeout’s trademark high-velocity races have been totally redesigned around the PS Vita’s control system. Throttle up and race for first place with touch screen controls, motion-responsive maneuvering, and voice commands. The world of multiplayer isn’t just confined to PS Vita. Up to eight friends can race together whether they’re playing on the handheld or on a PS3, while two can team up for co-op missions and conquer the online leaderboards.

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