Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus

Title: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
Publisher: Koei
Platform: PS Vita
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 2/22/2012
Overview: Go on a furious quest for revenge in this hi-def take on a ninja classic. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus expands Ninja Gaiden Sigma with PS Vita-exclusive features. Your entire clan has been wiped out by the Vigor Empire. Armed only with your wits, ninja skills, and deadly sword, you set out to destroy your opponents and reclaim your magic sword. Use PS Vita-friendly controls that let you boost your Ninpo with a tap of the Rear Touch Pad, aim by moving the system, and more. Use new weapons, test your ninja skills in new trials, and use new Hero Mode to help you survive longer when you’re new to the game.

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