SoulCalibur V

Title: SoulCalibur V
Publisher: Namco
Platform: PS3
Genre: Fighting
Release Date: 1/31/2012
Overview: Seventeen years after the last clash, the battle for the Soul Swords continues with a new generation leading the charge. Patroklos, son of Sophitia, takes up the quest to be proven history’s greatest warrior as the SoulCaliber franchise battles through the 16th century. Choose from a roster of powerful fighters, each with a unique skill set and desire to defeat anything that gets in their way. Choose from new and classic Soul Calibur characters, including returning favorites Raphael, Leixia, Ivy, Voldo, and Nightmare. The battle gets a boost from a supercharged cameo, as Assassin’s Creed star Enzio Auditore joins the roster.

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