Power Rangers Super Legends 15th Anniversary

Title: Power Rangers Super Legends 15th Anniversary
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 11/13/2007
For the first time in a video game, choose to play as a Power Ranger from fifteen different series of the show! 20 different characters and Zords from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Zeo, Power Rangers: Turbo, Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, Power Rangers: S.P.D., Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive, and more are yours for the playing. Solve puzzles, explore the world, and battle enemies as you attempt to save the world from evil! As always, you can go it alone or join up with a friend for massive Zord battles, super moves, aerial combos, and huge, high-flying martial-arts combat!

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