Bass Pro Shops: Trophy Bass 2007

Title: Bass Pro Shops: Trophy Bass 2007
Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Strategy/Simulation
Release Date: 11/1/2006
Try to hook the big one! Travel around the world to 12 different locations, and attempt to catch one of 11 different species of fish, all with artificial intelligence. Enter one of 20 tournaments and prove yourself to be the best in Tournament mode. Use one of 750 available, realistic lures to catch your fish. Control your rod to up the realism factor. The authentic underwater environments have been created with caustic effects, vegetation, and depth-of-light rays. Change views to see from the fisherman’s perspective – or even the fish’s! Then, when you’re ready, check out the real-life fishing guide for tips on how to take your skills into the real world!

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